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How Iventis helps venues increase revenue and streamline operations

Venues form the backbone of the events industry, from large-scale, multi-purpose arenas and stadiums to specialised facilities like velodromes, aquatic centres and race circuits. In the competitive event landscape, venues face the dual challenge of increasing and sustaining a steady event revenue stream whilst executing complex production builds. It is essential for venues to not only stand out during tender processes but also to streamline their operational practices for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Iventis has partnered with leading venues such as the Arena and Conference Centre Liverpool, Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, and the NEC Birmingham via OCS, to optimise the planning of various venue operations, elevate event propositions, and facilitate an enhanced venue-organiser planning process.

Streamlining complex venue operations

The operational complexity of venues demands advanced technology solutions that significantly reduce the workload for operational teams. Using Iventis, teams can plan every aspect of their venue’s operations in one unified platform – minimising the risk of errors and improving communication between teams.

For instance, with only six months to prepare for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the ACC Liverpool Group found Iventis particularly helpful. Eddie dos Santos, Director of Operations and Venue Management, said, “Using Iventis during the planning phases of Eurovision 2023 enabled us to work together efficiently and effectively as a team, saving time by communicating clearly.”

Similarly, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, involving multiple complex venues, greatly benefited from using Iventis. Lawrence Smith, Head of Venue and Event Technology for the event, remarked, “Iventis allowed us to knit all those requirements together in a single platform. It was so useful across the supply chain for everybody to have access to all the different venues.”

Supporting sales and marketing strategies

Beyond operational efficiency, the new Iventis Virtual Venue technology provides an immersive 3D experience that can take venue sales to the next level. Increasing the venue’s appeal for event organisers and sponsors alike is an impressive way to help prospective clients visualise the space, thus setting these venues ahead of the competition.

Recently, Iventis worked with the West Midlands Growth Company to showcase some of the region’s leading venues to the world’s most influential sporting event organisers. Joel Lavery, Strategic Lead for Major Sporting Events, said, “Instead of taking prospective clients to our venues, we can bring the venues to them. It has been amazing to show them around the spaces in this way.”

Taking venue management to new heights

As competition between venues intensifies, venue and operational teams must look to innovation to differentiate and elevate their offerings. Two of the most beneficial ways to stand out from the crowd are to sell the vision with an impressive virtual sales experience and live up to expectations with seamless operational execution.

Elevate your venue operations with the Iventis Planner. To find out more, book a demo with one of our experts.




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