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During the three-day Summit, there were multiple ways in which you could engage with fellow delegates. You can refer to the Summit Agenda for more information on the specific timings and topics of each session. Should you be interested in any of the opportunities below, please get in touch.


Main Auditorium Speaking

The Olympic Museum's 200-seater main auditorium offered a range of opportunities for individuals to share their perspectives and knowledge with a diverse audience. Regardless of their expertise, the panels and presentations provided an exceptional platform for speakers to deliver their messages. The auditorium featured a carefully curated mix of presentations and panels designed to engage the audience in thought-provoking discussions and provide them with new ideas. These discussions covered a wide range of topics, including innovations and pressing issues in the world of sports.

The audience was diverse, consisting of Host Cities, Rights Holders, and Suppliers, providing speakers with a unique opportunity to connect with a global audience. As a speaker, you had the chance to share your insights, experiences, and knowledge with our audience and make a lasting impact on the attendees.

Workshop Leads

As a workshop lead, your main responsibility was to organize workshops that focused on specific sectors with the aim of highlighting important themes such as sustainability and technology. The ultimate goal of these workshops was to provide you with a platform to share your knowledge of this market, engage directly with the delegates, and provide valuable insights to the participants. We collaborated closely with you as the workshop lead to ensure your objectives were met. Each sector workshop was carefully designed to create a dynamic and interactive setting where diverse perspectives could come together, forming a community of forward-thinking individuals where you could cultivate future business relationships. These workshops covered various topics to help unravel complexities, ignite innovation, and inspire participants to lead positive change in their respective sectors.

Sector Roundtables

This unique platform fostered collaboration between Sports Federations and industry leaders. These sessions provided a dynamic environment for open dialogue, consultation, and relationship-building to address pain points and drive mutual success. Participants engaged in consultative dialogues where Sports Rights Holders openly shared their challenges, goals, and pain points. Industry leaders brought valuable insights, innovative solutions, and best practices, creating a collaborative space where collective expertise addressed specific concerns.

Host City Briefings

This exclusive session put Host Cities at the forefront. In this briefing, hosts delved into the infrastructure of various regions and presented exciting opportunities for Sports Federations seeking the perfect location for their upcoming events. The aim was to provide tailored opportunities that aligned with the unique needs of the Federation. There was an emphasis on understanding the importance of leveraging iconic landmarks for events and tapping into the local sponsorship potential to ensure successful collaboration. The City representatives presented customizable possibilities that could fit the Sports Rights Holder’s vision. Both Cities and Sports Federations engaged and built connections beyond this briefing, fostering relationships crucial for successful collaboration.

Closed Door Workshops

Closed Door Workshops were exclusive sessions that provided a confidential and intimate setting for small groups of event organizers to engage in discussions on sensitive topics related to the sports industry. These workshops offered a safe space for participants to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and brainstorm solutions to their respective sectors' challenges. The discussions were led by expert facilitators who guided participants through a structured agenda designed to generate actionable insights and strategies. The workshops were closed-door, ensuring that all conversations and information shared within the session were kept confidential, creating a safe environment for participants to express their opinions freely.

By bringing together a select group of industry leaders, these meaningful discussions led to real change and progress, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of the challenges facing their respective sectors, as well as practical solutions and strategies they could implement within their organisations.

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