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A person or organisation that provides a product or service


Are you a supplier / agency in the sports industry searching for a reliable platform to connect with potential clients who require assistance in organizing successful events and activations on a city-wide scale? Look no further as we have the ideal solution for you!

The supply chain is critical to the planning, delivery and legacy of any major event. Increasingly (particularly in the forums we provide) rights holders and host cities are open to engaging with expert suppliers like you who provide insight and innovation to help mitigate risk, minimise costs and maximise revenues and fan engagement.

Our innovative format offers direct connectivity to your target clients. By connecting with Rights Holders and Host Cities, you will have access to a vast pool of prospective clients, enhance your profile, and establish new business-to-business contacts. Whether you are a supplier of sporting equipment, a marketing agency, or an event management company, our platform is designed to help you expand your network and grow your business.



£950 +VAT

It is an ideal choice for attendees who are keen on learning about the Summit's content and other related topics. This pass guarantees access to all the essential features of the Summit, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other informative sessions.


£1850 +VAT

This pass is suitable for delegates who want to maximise their networking opportunities and schedule individual meetings. The pass provides an upgraded experience for delegates who aim to broaden their professional network and establish meaningful connections.


£3250 + VAT

This pass is designed specifically for those looking to enrich their experience by concentrating on one-on-one meetings and enhancing their market profile. With this pass, you will get access to pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings and exclusive networking events, helping you connect with like-minded individuals and organisations. Moreover, this pass offers you the opportunity to showcase your work in the best possible way using white papers or reports, press releases, and video promotions.

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