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Organisers such Sports Federations Local/National Organising Committees, and National Governing Bodies



The Hosts & Federations Summit is a platform that brings together Rights Holders, Host Cities, and Suppliers from across the globe. Through this summit, Rights Holders can explore potential collaborations and partnerships, exchange ideas and insights, and gain valuable industry knowledge. It serves as an ideal forum for those looking to network with cities that are interested in hosting events of all sizes, expanding their business, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the world of sports events and hosting.


The Summit is a platform that aims to help you achieve your objectives. If you answer Yes to any of the following questions, then this Summit is perfect for you.

Do you want to meet Host Cities that are interested in hosting major events and meeting you? If yes, MEI can facilitate the process.

Are you interested in meeting with Brands or Suppliers to support your organization? If yes, we can either pre-screen these companies based on your requirements or match you with members of our network.

Do you wish to improve operational effectiveness, gain insights, and support in driving down costs and mitigating risks? The Summit program includes unique themes with expert contributors ranging from suppliers to brands and sponsors.



General passes are designed to provide a comprehensive experience for the attendees who wish to participate in the main presentations, attend informative workshops, and utilise the networking opportunities during the breaks. These passes do not include pre-arranged individual meetings and offer a more flexible approach to engage with all the delegates.


The nominated representative has several important goals to achieve, which include finding suitable hosts for Training Camps, Championships, and Annual Congresses. For this purpose, city delegates are highly encouraged to attend City Briefings, where potential hosts present their comprehensive plans and participate in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with the city officials. This way, they can discuss all the details and requirements for hosting successful events, and ensure that the selected venues meet all the necessary criteria.


This pass is designed for those who seek to establish commercial partnerships, including sponsorships or value in kind. As a commercial delegate, you are encouraged to focus on generating new sources of revenue, enhancing fan engagement, activating cities, developing overlay solutions, promoting sustainability, and leaving a lasting legacy. The engagement approach includes round-table discussions, workshops, and pre-arranged one-to-one meetings to facilitate these partnerships.

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