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Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

FIMBA, the Federation of International Masters Basketball has grown into the standard for global senior sports.

Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1991, FIMBA organizes international masters age (30+ for women and 35+ for men) basketball tournaments.

Led by President Ruben Rodriguez Lamas, FIMBA boasts a diverse international board and 47 individual country representatives. Each country head is specifically responsible for growing, marketing and managing its own Federation, while recruiting men and women players and organizing teams for FIMBA's global events.

Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

FIMBA's tournaments feature the best age appropriate senior competition in the world. Many of the participants are former Olympians, National Team players and professionals. There will even be ten teams in the 80+ age category in its 15th world championship in Espoo, Finland in July 2019.

In addition to offering elite age distinct competition, FIMBA's global tournaments generate economic engines for host cities that are highly attracted to FIMBA's affluent, educated, international travel friendly, health conscious, basketball demographic.

Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

Bi-annual World Championships in Prague, CZ; Natal, Brazil; Thessaloniki, Greece; Orlando, FL and Montecatini, Italy. In Italy alone, 367 teams from 51 countries participated and played an astounding 1,118 games over a nine day period.

Each tournament boasts an Opening Ceremony, a Parade of Nations and a Mega Social Party. Most of the games are live streamed and all abide by FIBA rules and 4 ten minute stop time quarters and a 24 second shot clock (except in the 75 and 80 year-old divisions).

Adding Years To Life By Adding Life To Years

The FIMBA events are now capturing the attention of potential global sponsors. For example, at its 2017 world championship in Montecatini, Italy, FIMBA participants consumed 50,000+ hotel room nights and at each of its 2018 hemispheric tournaments visitors consumed approximately 30,000 hotel room nights at each tournament.

Hosts cities and sponsors with international reach now compete to host FIMBA tournaments and its unique affluent and mature demo.

For more information about the non-profit FIMBA organization, contact FIMBA International Board Member JIm Sweeney at or 727-460-8932.


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