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Marc Gutierrez

Technology Leader, Sports and Major Events


Involved in IT Services for the Olympic Games since Salt Lake City 2002, I have been designing, delivering, and operating the critical services for Olympic Games. The success of the Games depends on delivering with fixed time constraints and budget, while ensuring the quality and security of the services is provided to the maximum level.

From System Architect to Chief Technology Officer, I have been leading the evolution of the systems se: from client server to web-based applications, from physical servers to virtualisation, from hosting colocation to Infrastructure as a Service, from IaaS to PaaS in both private and public cloud.

As Chief Integration Officer and Central Operations and Delivery director, I have led the delivery of Application and Cloud for PyeongChang, Tokyo and Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games transforming the delivery model centralising all the Service Delivery. While PyeongChang was the first edition to adopt a Central Delivery with the establishment of the Central Integration Test Lab (physical and virtualised in the Cloud) and the Core Hosting Services for production and disaster recovery sites, it was for Tokyo and Beijing when we reached the excellence in the delivery thanks to organisation changes and the adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies. Such transformation allowed to increase efficiency and quality while bringing cost savings to the Organising Committee

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