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Gustavo Arellano

Head of Commercial Development

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA)

Graduated as a Chemical Engineer with an MBA in his native Venezuela, Gustavo Arellano has worked extensively outside the sport industry in commercial areas with a special focus on marketing. He lives in Switzerland since 2015, upon completing a Master's Degree in Sports Administration and Technology.
His experience in different markets allowed him to successfully build the FIBA Market Intelligence and Research Program; he also supported the National Federation teams worldwide in the implementation of a new competition system and managed the global sponsorship program for the FIBA China Basketball World Cup 2019 with historic results for the organization.

Gustavo is currently responsible for the commercial development of the FIBA family with special attention to the sustainable growth of basketball around the world, establishing strategies and building new assets and innovative partnerships such as Twitch, Synergy Sports, and more recently ESL Facit Group (EFG) for the development of eFIBA.

As personal projects, he founded a sports thinking group in Lausanne and he is an ad honorem commercial advisor for Special Olympics

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